Expanded PTFE Joint tape

Expanded PTFE Joint tape

Model No.︰SINSTON ZR-610

Brand Name︰SINSTON

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

SINSTON ZR-610  Expanded PTFE Tape

SINSTON ZR-610 is an inorganic sealant for static applications made of 100% PTFE (Teflon). A unique process converts PTFE to a micro-porous fibrous structure, resulting a sealant with an unsurpassed combination of mechanical and chemical properties. It is supplied with a self-adhesive strip for easy fitting.



SINSTON ZR-610  is especially suite d for sealing flange connections, pipe systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, etc. In addition, it’s also ideal for seals in glass, enamel and plastic flanges, vessels and special shaped sealing surface.

ZR-610 saves money and time. Since there is no scrap or waste, it costs less than other gasket materials. By using only a few sizes, large inventories of sheet gasketing and costly precut gaskets can be eliminated. Installation time is kept to a minimum since there are no templates, precutting or special fitting requirements

Media            Acids, alkalis, solvents, gases, etc.

Temperature        -240 up to 260°C

Pressure         100 bar

PH-Value         0 - 14

Density           Grade A/B: 0.70/0.80g/cm3

1.0~1.5 g/cm3 on request

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