SINSTON ZR-DJ710 Double Metal Jacketed Gasket



It is made from Asbestos millboard, Expanded Graphite Ceramic, PTFE etc. Filler, covered with thin metal jacket, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, copper etc. Proper medium, pressure and temperature are decided by different materials we use. The highest temperature is 1300°C and the hightest pressure is up to 100Mpa.
Type & Structure;


NO. Description Cross section Filler material
A Single-Jacked Soft asbestos millboard

Ceramic fiber

Flexible graphite


B Wholy-Jacketed
C Corrugated-Jacketed
D Corded-Jacketed
E Double-Jacketed
F Another Kings Jacketed

Service Range:

Material of Jacket Max.Temperature(°C ) Pressure(Mpa )
Carbon steel 300 2-6
Copper 400 2-6
Stainless steel such as 
AIS1304,316 etc.
530 2-6

SINSTON ZR-DJ710 DJ Double Metal Jacketed Flat Gasket

SINSTON ZR-DJ710 DC Double Jacketed Corrugated Gasket

SINSTON ZR-DJ710 S Metal Jacketed Gasket with Special Shape