Cixi Sinston Sealing Material Factory  - is one of main exporters & manufacturers of Sealing material, insulation material and high Strength Fasteners in China .

Main products as follows:

Seal Gasket :Spiral wound gasket, Reinforced Graphite Gasket,Double Metal Jacketed Gasket, Corrugated gasket,Kamprofile Gasket, Ring Joint Gasket, Copper Gasket,PTFE Gasket, PTFE Enveloped Gasket, Asbestos Gasket,Rubber Gasket,Flange Insualtion Gasket Kits .Rubber O ring , Oil seals.

Seal Packing: PTFE Packing, Expanded Graphite Packing,Carbon fiber packing,Kevlar fiber packing,Nomex fiber packing,Kynol fiber packing,Ramie fiber packing,Arcylic fiber packing,Asbestos packing.

Seal sheet:Asbestos rubber Sheet, Non-asbestos sheet, Expanded graphit sheet,Mica sheet,Cork rubber sheet,ABS sheet, PVC sheet

Seal Tool and machines:  Packing Tool, Packing Ring Cutter,Easy gasket cutter,Gasket cutter with double knives, Small winder, Large winder,Machine for making metal jacketed gasket,non-metal tape cutter machine, Outer ring groove ,Metal ring bender,Pulse welder .

PTFE products:PTFE Yarn, Expanded PTFE Joint Tape with self-adhesive, Expanded PTFE sheet, PTFE film,Pure PTFE sheet,PTFE round cord, PTFE rod, PTFE pipe,reinforced PTFE products,PTFE emulsion.

Graphite products: Expanded Graphite yarn, Braided Graphite tape, Braided Graphite tube, Braided graphite sleeving, Braided graphite cloth ,Corrugated Graphite tape with self-adhesive, Expanded Graphite sheet, Expanded PTFE tape for making spiral wound gasket,Carbon yarn, Braided  carbon tape,Braided carbon cloth,Braided  carbon sleeving.

Ceramic products: Ceramic yarn,Ceramic tape,Ceramic cloth,Ceramic square rope, Ceramic round rope, Ceramic twisted rope,Ceramic lagging rope,Ceramic paper,Ceramic board,Ceramic blanket,Ceramic sleeving

Fiberglass products: Fiberglass roving,Fiberglass Ladder tape, Fiberglass tadpole tape,Fiberglass square rope, Fiberglass round rope, Graphite coated fiberglass round rope,Fiberglass knitted rope,Fiberglass twisted rope,Fiberglass sleeving, Fiberglass sleeving with silicone rubber coated,Fiberglass cloth,Fiberglass mesh cloth

Faseners :Double End Stud bolt, Full Thread bolt, U bolt, hex bolt ,hose clamp and so on .


High Standard and high quality are  appointed as seals products by many domestic middle and big enterprises , are sold far to Japan , South Korea , Brazil , USA , United Kingdom , Middle-East countries and regions , and have found favor in eyes of customers in power ,petrol, metallurgical ,chemical ,building materials ,mechanical , space flight and other trades and overseas market.

We hope that we can conclude the transactions  in the near future . Warmly welcome to visit our company  .  We think that friendship is first , Business is second ! 

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