Asbestos Rubber gasket

Asbestos Rubber gasket

Model No.︰ZR-G1250

Brand Name︰SINSTON

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Model: SINSTON ZR-G1250

Description:Asbestos joint Gasket using asbestos fiber & rubber as its main material,and rubber accessory constituent & packing as supplementary materials. this materials are mixed, stired, then hot rolled and shaped. asbestos-rubber gasketwas divided into normal rubber gasket and oil resistant Asbestos-Rubber Gasket according to different using and formula and art performance.Be the same with water,vapor,oil,impregnant,midding acid,alkaline sealing.

Style  Temperature  Pressure Item No.
ZR-G1250 Asbestos Rubber Gasket  250℃ 2.5Mpa  HD931
ZR-G1300 Asbestos Rubber Gasket    300℃ 3.0Mpa  HD932
ZR-G1350 Asbestos Rubber Gasket 350℃ 4.0Mpa  HD933
ZR-G1400 Asbestos Rubber Gasket 400℃ 5.0Mpa HD934
ZR-G1450 High Pressure Asbestos Rubber Gasket  450℃ 6.0Mpa HD935
ZR-G1250N Oil Resistance Asbestos Rubber Gasket  250℃ 2 .5Mpa  HD936
ZR-G1350N Oil Resistance Asbestos Rubber Gasket  350℃  3 .5Mpa HD937
ZR-G1400N Oil Resistance Asbestos Rubber Gasket 400℃ 4 .0Mpa HD938



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